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The baby car seat is the first car seat that your child will use from new-born to approximately 12 months of age, plus or minus a few months depending on height. The baby car seat is always installed rear facing in the car. It can be installed either with the vehicle belt or for some seats with an additional ISOfix base, both being equally safe when fitted correctly.

BeSafe recommend you to use a baby car seat for as long as possible, as it gives you as a parent flexibility and offers your baby great side protection. However, you might consider changing to a toddler car seat earlier. In these cases, we recommend you to only change to a toddler car seat when your baby can sit by themselves, as toddler car seats typically are more upright and give a bit less stability than baby car seats.

Depending on which toddler seat you are choosing, make sure that your child has reached the minimum requirement of that seat. Based on its regulation, this can either be a minimum weight or a minimum height.